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Clipper CS451 E & ET 14/18" Floor Saw - Electric 415v

The Norton Clipper Electric Floor Saw Low Vibration CS451 E & ET is designed to combine robustness, functionality and a great reduction in vibration levels making the machine easier and more comfortable to use.

CS451 E & ET Features

  • This floor saw has a continuous depth control with hand wheel and gauge
  • Heavy duty frame
  • Water hose connector
  • Contains an adjustable handle height, for all cutting depths
  • The handlebar is equipped with vibration absorbers
  • Dust extraction hose plug can be found on the CS451 ET
Floor Saw Low Vibration

CS451 E & ET Benefits

  • A robust floor saw with low vibration levels
  • Quick, easy and accurate setting
  • Allows for dry cutting when combined with CV360 dust extractor on the CS451 ET
  • Ergonomic working position and improved working conditions

Technical Table And Product Options

 CS451 E LogoCS451 ECS451 ET LogoCS451 ET
Item No. 701846 01973 701846 01972*
EAN 13 Code 5450248 716822 5450248 716815
* Available on request Go To Cart
Supply Voltage / Power400V 3~ / 5.5kW (7.5Hp)400V 3~ / 5.5kW (7.5Hp)
Fuse/Generator 16A / 14kVA 16A / 14kVA
Blade x bore Ø 450 x 25.4mm Ø 350 x 25.4mm
Max. cutting depth 170mm 125mm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1160 x 512 x 990mm 1160 x 512 x 990mm
Water tank capacity (removable) 25 L N/A
Tool speed RPM 2850 min-1 2850 min-1
Starter Electric Electric
Raise and lower Manual Manual
Propelling Push Push
Hand Arm Vibrations  
Sound power / pressure level 94 dB (A) / 80 dB (A) 94 dB (A) / 80 dB (A)
Weight 105kg 105kg