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Clipper CP514 14

The CP514 handheld cut off saw is easy to use with the electronic carburator that allows an easy 3-step engine start. It is user friendly, long-life and low maintenance

CP514 Features

  • The electronic carburator allows an easy 3-step engine start. There will be no more choke or half-throttle set-up
  • It is easy to stop, with just one button
  • Has a 5-spring anti-vibration system
  • Enhanced weight balance and back-end handle
  • iLube®: No more worrying about the 2-stroke fuel mixtures. You just have to fill with regular fuel and 2-stroke oil!

CP514 Benefits

  • The semi-automatic belt tensioning makes it easier to use
  • This saw has Multi-Stage Air Filter with pulsating air streams. It is also fitted with external rocker wheel to prevent filters from clogging
  • The magnesium blade guard is fitted for extra safety and lighter weight
  • Heavy duty starter rope and Nikasil-coated cylinder for longer life
  • V-belt for driving cutting blade.
  • Contains tank caps with over-tightening protection

Technical Table And Product Options

 CP514 350CP514 350 iLUBE®
Item No. 701846 47562 701846 47564
EAN 13 Code 5450248 563129 5450248 563136
Power4.0kW / 5.4HP4.0kW / 5.4HP
Max. blade x bore Ø 350 x 20 / 25.4mm Ø 350 x 20 / 25.4mm
Max. cutting depth 125mm 125mm
Rotation speed (RPM) 4450 min-1 4450 min-1
Petrol + oil _ 92 RON +2% _ 92 RON +iLube® Automatic Mix
Water cooling Yes Yes
Sound power / pressure level 108 dB (A) / 98 dB (A) 108 dB (A) / 98 dB (A)
Dimensions 430 x 267 x 750mm 430 x 267 x 775mm
Weight 10.4kg 10.5kg