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Clipper CHW 14

Item Number:
701846 14078
(VAT inc)

The Norton Clipper Masonry Electric Saw CHW has extreme rigidity and built with extruded aluminium profile, making it ideal for all industrial and construction work sites

CHW Features

  • Electrical water pump protected from slurries
  • Aluminium water tray that is removable
  • Machine is built with extruded aluminium profiles
  • Easy transportation with folding legs and transport wheels
  • Side extension (Optional Accessory)
Masonry Electric Saw
Electric Saw CHW

CHW Benefits

  • Extreme rigidity,easy to maintain and clean
  • Long life and efficiency ; dust free working conditions

Technical Table And Product Options

Item No.701846 14078 Logo701846 14078
EAN 13 Code 5450248 162292
Supply Voltage/ Power110V 1~ / 2.2kW (3 Hp)
Fuse/Generator 16A / 6 kVA
Blade x bore Ø 350 x 25.4mm
Tool speed RPM 2730 min-1
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1195 x 705 x 1350mm
Dimensions (folded legs) 1195 x 705 x 760mm
Weight 81kg
Tilting table -
Max. cutting depth 110mm
Max. cutting length 600mm
Max. material height 240mm
Table size 500 x 600mm
Hand Arm Vibrations < 2.5 m/s²
Sound power / pressure level 92 dB (A) / 80 dB (A)