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The Norton Clipper Diamond Blades are specifically designed for different applications and construction materials making it easier to choose your next diamond tool

  • Faster Cut Rate
  • Longer Life
  • Increased Safety & Unrivalled Performance
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General Building Diamond Blades

The Norton Clipper universal building materials blades are to be used for reinforced concrete, cured concrete, concrete pipes, kerbs, bricks, block paving, washed gravel concrete slabs, limestone, sandstone flint, flagstones and paving stones

  • Silencio blades
  • Dry or wet cutting blades available
  • i-HDTM process
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An excellent all-round diamond blade to be used on a wide range of building materials. These include cured concrete, kerbs, concrete pipes, bricks, block paving, sandstone

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Concrete & Reinforced Concrete Diamond Blades

Norton Clipper's’ Beton blades specifically designed to be used on concrete and reinforced concrete, concrete pipes, kerb stones, facing bricks, cured concrete, engineering bricks, refractory bricks, paving stones and flagstones, block paving, natural stone, sandstone, limestone, flint and washed gravel concrete slabs.

  • Silencio blades
  • Laser welded
  • Extreme, Pro & Classic
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Blades have laser welded segments for optimum safety against segment lost. Provides a faster cut rate, longer life, and less vibration for better cut quality

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Asphalt Diamond Blades

Our Norton Clipper Asphalt diamond blades are designed to cut asphalt, asphalt over concrete, lignacite blocks, breeze blocks, green concrete, bitumen and cement joints.

  • Extreme
  • Pro
  • Classic
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Due to the innovative design, the blades provide maximum performance with extreme fast, accurate cuts and have exceptional long product life

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Tile Diamond Blades

Our range of Norton Clipper tile blades are ideal for the cutting of ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, vitrified reconstituted stone, glass, textured glass, granite, glazed ceramic tiles, marble, slate and hard natural stone.

  • Extreme Ceram Turbo
  • Extreme Ceram
  • Pro Ceram
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These tile blades have a continuous diamond rim blade which makes them the perfect choice for a high quality and fast cut of hard ceramic and porcelain tiles

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Multi Materials

The Pro 4x4 Explorer multi-purpose blade can be used on a wide range of multi materials such as concrete, reinforced concrete, blocks, paviours, natural stone, roof tiles, breeze blocks, granite, asphalt, sandstone, gridstone and steel parts up to 5mm thick.

  • Faster cutting
  • Longer life
  • Improved safety
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The multi-purpose Pro 4x4 Explorer blade cuts all materials. These include natural stone, asphalt, roof tiles, paviours, concrete, granite, blocks, breeze blocks sandstone and gridstone

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Granite, Marble, and Natural Stone Blades

This selection of Norton Clipper’s blade is ideal for the cutting of marble, granite and natural stone. The blades have excellent cutting speed with smooth cuts and low vibration even on the hardest of materials.

  • Extreme Granite
  • Pro Granite
  • Pro Marmo
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The blades have excellent cutting speed with smooth cuts and low vibration even on the hardest of materials. They are specifically designed for the cutting of granite, marble and natural stone

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Diamond Blades Description

We provide a wide variety of the Norton Clipper diamond blades for all your cutting application requirements.

The Norton Clipper diamond blade tool range offers a choice of three performance levels. This quality tiering is communicated through the choices of Extreme, Pro and Classic.

Investing in R&D, cutting edge innovation such as the i-HD™ diamond blades are among the fastest and longest lasting blades in the market. Their i-HD™ manufacturing process guarantees increased safety and unrivalled performance.

The diamond blades that we have, range from cutting concrete, reinforced concrete, ceramic and porcelain tiles, granite, marble and natural stone, asphalt, and the Pro 4x4 multi-purpose blade. All of the Norton Clipper diamond blades are designed for different applications, making it easier for you to select your next diamond blade.

If you have any questions about our diamond blades or queries on bulk orders, please use the contact form or alternatively call us on: 0116 2641077