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Classic Asphalt Diamond Blades

A very good value for money laser welded asphalt blade for dry or wet cutting.

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Extreme Asphalt Diamond Blades

The Extreme Asphalt is a unique laser welded blade suitable for asphalt and abrasive materials.

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PRO Asphalt Diamond Blades

The Pro Asphalt is a very good value for money laser welded blade for intensive use and long

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Asphalt Diamond Blades Description

Our Asphalt diamond blades are used for cutting asphalt, asphalt over concrete, green concrede, bitumen, cement joints, lignacite blocks and breeze blocks. The Asphalt saw blades are to be used on hand-held cut off saws, floor saws and masonry saws.

The Asphalt blades are unique laser welded blades suited for all asphalt and abrasive materials. Due to its innovative design, it provides maximum performance and an exceptionally long product life. They are easy to use, extremely fast cutting and always guarantee accurate cuts. These blades are known to be a leading performance with the best undercutting protection on the steel centre because of the slanted segments. The Asphalt blades have excellent cutting speed, low vibration and also feature a patented depth of cut indicator with stromboscope effect.

We have the complete Norton Clipper Asphalt range; choose from the Extreme, Pro and Classic Asphalt blades.