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Classic Beton Concrete Diamond Blades

A very good value for money laser welded blade

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Extreme Beton Concrete Diamond Blades

The Extreme Beton is to be used on concrete and reinforced concrete. It has many benefits

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Extreme Beton Silencio Concrete Diamond Blades

The Norton Silencio is the quietest diamond blade reducing noise by up to 20x (-13 dB) compared

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Pro Beton Concrete Diamond Blades

The PRO Beton blade is to be used for concrete and reinforced concrete. Laser welded for

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Concrete & Reinforced Concrete Diamond Blades Description

If you are looking for diamond blades to cut concrete and reinforced concrete, our wide selection of Norton Clippers’ Beton / Concrete - Extreme, Pro and Classic range would be the choice.

These diamond blades are specifically designed to be used on reinforced concrete, cured concrete, concrete pipes, kerb stones, facing bricks, engineering bricks, refractory bricks, paving stones and flagstones, washed gravel concrete slabs, block paving, natural stone, sandstone, limestone and flint.

The concrete cutting blades provides a faster cut rate, longer life, and less vibration for a smoother, more comfortable and better cut quality. Moreover, the blades have laser welded segments for optimum safety against segment lost.

The Beton concrete cutting blades are to be used on angle grinders, cut-off saws and floor saws.