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Extreme Granite Diamond Blades

The Extreme Granite diamond blade has an extended life, excellent cutting speed, with improved comfort and increased safety

Extreme Granite Diamond Blades Features

  • 15mm high laser-welded segments that are duo-shaped
  • Innovative specification
  • Contains exclusive "arrow" shaped gullet slots
  • Two trapezoidal segment duo concept
  • For use on natural stone, granite, concrete slabs and blocks

Extreme Granite Diamond Blades Benefits

  • Due to the 'Duo' shaped trapezoidal segments produced with i-HD™ technology, it offers an extended product life, great cutting speed, increased safety and improved comfort
  • Extended long life
  • The blade has been specially designed for the cutting of hard materials like natural stone or granite
  • Permanently indicates the correct direction of rotation
  • Easier removal cutting debris
  • Has an excellent cutting speed
  • There is an optimum safety against segment lost
  • Low vibration and smooth cut

Technical Table And Product Options

Angle Grinder 230 22.23 15/2.8 70184601172 5450248 702702
Handheld 300 20 15/2.8 701846 01173 5450248 702719
Handheld, Masonry Saws 350 25.4 15/2.8 701846 01174 5450248 702726