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PRO 4X4 Explorer for Multi Materials

The Pro 4x4 Explorer range is even better than before. This diamond blade tool is a multipurpose

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Multi Materials Description

The Pro 4x4 Explorer range is even better than before. Additional benefits include faster cutting, longer life, improved safety and greater comfort when used on any material.

This multi-purpose blade can be used on a wide range of multi materials that include the cutting of concrete, reinforced concrete, roof tiles, blocks, paviours, natural stone, granite, asphalt, sandstone, breeze blocks, gridstone and steel parts up to 5mm thick.

The product features include a segment wear indicator with up to 12mm segment height for more cuts per wheel. It consists of a patented cutting depth indicator which allows better visibility of cut depth when in use. When cutting thick metal it prevents fatigue cracks due to the patented drop shaped gullets. This multi-application diamond blade contains trapezoid shaped segments which allow a comfortable, smoother cut with lower vibration levels.

If you are looking for a multi-purpose blade that can cut all materials choose the Norton Clipper Pro 4x4 Explorer.