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Classic Ceram Tile Diamond Blades

The Classic Ceram is a good value for money continuous rimmed diamond blade

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Extreme Ceram Tile Diamond Blades

Extreme Ceram Tile Diamond Blades to be used on granite, glazed ceramic tiles, marble, slate and

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Extreme Ceram Turbo Tile Diamond Blades

The Extreme Ceram Turbo is 10mm high with a continuous rim blade and is the ideal choice for a

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PRO Ceram Tile Diamond Blades

The PRO Ceram diamond blade to be used on granite, marble, ceramics, slate and quarry tiles

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Tile Diamond Blades Description

If you are looking for the quality cutting of hard ceramic tiles you have come to the right place.Our range of Norton Clipper tile blades are ideal for the cutting of ceramic and porcelain tiles, vitrified reconstituted stone, glazed ceramic tiles, glass, textured glass, granite, marble, slate and hard natural stone. Choose the blade you require for wet or dry cutting. These tile cutters have a continuous diamond rim blade which makes them the perfect choice for a high quality and fast cut of hard ceramic tiles. The Extreme Ceram Turbo has a 1.4mm thickness for fast cutting and reduced material waste.

Choose from our tile cutters which include the Norton Clipper Extreme Ceram Turbo, Extreme Ceram and Pro Ceram. These ceramic and porcelain tile blades are to be used on angle grinders, tile saws and masonry saws.