Blade Worn Out-Of-Round

Worn out shaft bearings on saw

You will need to install new blade shaft bearings

Machine spindle worn out. A groove may have been scored on the spindle as a result of previous blade spinning on the spindle.

You will have to replace the worn out spindle.

Blade slipping on spindle.

You will need to tighten the spindle nut on the machine. Also, make certain the drive pin is fitted and functioning where required.

Bond too hard for material causing blade to “pound”.

Use a proper blade specification, a softer bond blade maybe required.

Blade being pushed too hard and not allowed to cut – causes bouncing and will lead to blade going out of round.

Slow down traverse rate or reduce depth of cut.

Blade spindle speed too high – causing polishing and causing blade to act hard and bounce.

You will need to reduce spindle speed to the recommended RPM.

Uneven Segment Wear

Insufficient water flow, generally on one side of the blade, which reduces side clearance

You will have to check the pipes are clean and correctly positioned. Also, make certain that adequate clean water is being equally distributed to both sides of the blade.

Equipment defect, which causes the blade to wear out of round.

Replace bad bearings, worn out machine spindle or realign spindle. On concrete saws, ensure the engine runs smoothly, to prevent harmonic vibrations, which in turn cause the blade to pound on a regular cycle basis.

The saw head is misaligned.

Check the saw head alignment both horizontally and vertically

Arbor Hole Out-Of-Round

Blade flanges are not properly tightened, causing blade to rotate or vibrate on spindle.

You will need to tighten the spindle nut and make certain the blade is adequately secured to prevent rotation on spindle.

Worn out, bent or dirty flanges which do not allow proper blade clamping.

Clean or replace the flanges, make sure they are not worn out, and to tighten the spindle nut properly.

Blade is not properly mounted.

Ensure the blade is mounted on the proper diameter of spindle.