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concrete alternatives

5 Concrete Alternatives

One of the main critiques of concrete in modern construction is that the process of manufacturing the material is not environmentally friendly. Alternatives to concrete are emerging, which are comparable in terms of cost, strength and durability.

norton clipper floor saws

Floor saws are used to cut roads, pavements and other concrete surfaces. The majority of roadworks in the UK include a floor saw as ultimately, the road needs to be sectioned in order to replace the surface or access the area underneath.

Norton Clipper’s CS451 has been the market leading road saw for several years, due to its quality and efficiency. Innovations to increase comfort and efficiency have maintained this position.

norton clipper power float

A power float is a construction machine that is used to create a smooth surface when concrete is partially set. For larger surfaces, this is an essential tool because it increases efficiency and can save hours of work.

The majority of concrete surfaces need to be level and flat, and this finishing stage has typically been the most difficult in the concreting process. Screeders and hand tamps can be used to level out a concrete surface, but a power float is uniquely capable of creating a perfect finish when it’s almost set.

diamond blade ratings

Most diamond blades incorporate cutaway segments which aid the aerodynamics and cutting speed, but continuous rim blades are required when cutting porcelain and ceramic tiles.

The continuous rim offers a smoother cut because the surface impact is consistent. Although many manufactured tiles are developed with increased hardness, they are still as brittle as you would expect porcelain to be. Therefore, a cutting action that minimises vibration is required.

diamond blade ratings

Porcelain paving is becoming more and more popular as an alternative to natural stone and concrete slabs because of its increased strength, consistent shape and ability to withstand the British weather. In the last decade or so, the scope for paving yards and patios has expanded far beyond grey concrete.

Aside from the unseen qualities of strength and durability, porcelain paving is notable for its colour capabilities. For those who want a contemporary look, they can pretty much choose any conceivable colour. 

diamond blade ratings

Norton Clipper’s market leading range of masonry saws, floor saws and disc cutters offer the best results when used with exactly the right blade for the project at hand. 

Now you can use Diamond Ratings to help choose which blade is best for your project, and as with many purchasing decisions, a balance must be made between value and performance. Here we look at the differences between each diamond rating.

carbon footprint from hand saws

Concrete is one of the most important materials in construction and urban development, and has been for over a century. The eco-credentials of concrete have never been particularly laudable, so the industry is looking at ways to reduce concrete’s carbon footprint.

This extends to the lifespan of machinery and blades. Whilst the equipment manufacturing process is notoriously high in carbon emissions, the durability and quality of the products on the market can lead to less wastage.

Floor saw cutting asphalt road

Tarmac is a brand name owned by Tarmac Building Products Ltd, but the word ‘tarmac’ is commonly associated with road and airport surfaces.

The invention of Tarmac is down to two British men. John McAdam developed a surfacing method based around layering and compacting stones in decreasing sizes from base to surface. The macadam method uses the natural earth as a base and the incremental sizing of stones to form its structure.

construction worker using silencio blade

When a working area such as a residential neighbourhood is sensitive to noise, it can be difficult to limit the disruption caused by construction equipment. The development of silent blades is a significant factor in reducing such noise pollution.

One of the most common tools used on a construction site is a power cutter, which grinds and cuts concrete and asphalt. The impact of the steel blade on another hard material naturally makes a harsh friction noise. Building blocks and concrete cannot sacrifice their strength and hardness, therefore the cutting has to be done using diamond-embedded steel. Innovations must then be made as to the direction the noise takes when the blade is in use.

The iLube system from Norton Clipper is a new automatic oil and fuel mixing technology which ensures your handheld saw’s engine remains perfectly lubricated and fuelled.

Whenever you fill a disc cutter with petrol, there is a risk of causing long term damage to the engine by using the wrong fuel to oil ratio. This damage could include overheating and clogged pistons. Previously, the way to ensure the perfect mix was to buy a pre-mixed solution, which is an expensive way to manage your fuel and lubrication stocks.