Norton Clipper’s market leading range of masonry saws, floor saws and disc cutters offer the best results when used with exactly the right blade for the project at hand. 

Now you can use Diamond Ratings to help choose which blade is best for your project, and as with many purchasing decisions, a balance must be made between value and performance. Here we look at the differences between each diamond rating.

Classic, Pro or Extreme?

diamond ratings 600

If a diamond blade is to be used for a small job it may be prudent to choose value over performance, whereas at the other end of the scale a long cutting life is important for heavier use. Norton Clipper’s diamond ratings go from 3 to 5 and represent different grades of blade performance.

The Classic rating has three diamonds, and is suitable for occasional use or smaller projects.

Pro is the next step up with four diamonds, and offers more durability.

Five diamonds is the Extreme rating, offering the top level of performance and longevity

An example of an Extreme blade is the Silencio, which incorporates a noise-reduction system as well as having excellent performance. The extra quality that comes from the noise reduction and durability is obviously advantageous, but the consumer needs to know if they are getting the best value from their particular blade choice. If the task at hand does not warrant the extra technical specifications of the blade, then the customer would not be getting the best deal.

Similarly, buying the lowest-priced diamond blade when faced with a more arduous project could result in having to replace the blade several times as wear and tear begins to affect cut quality. Above all, those who use a power cutting tool need to be confident that they are well-equipped to complete the job as efficiently as possible.

Diamond blades by Norton Clipper are available from Construction Equipment UK. You can visit for sales and advice.