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Floor saw cutting asphalt road

Tarmac is a brand name owned by Tarmac Building Products Ltd, but the word ‘tarmac’ is commonly associated with road and airport surfaces.

The invention of Tarmac is down to two British men. John McAdam developed a surfacing method based around layering and compacting stones in decreasing sizes from base to surface. The macadam method uses the natural earth as a base and the incremental sizing of stones to form its structure.

construction worker using silencio blade

When a working area such as a residential neighbourhood is sensitive to noise, it can be difficult to limit the disruption caused by construction equipment. The development of silent blades is a significant factor in reducing such noise pollution.

One of the most common tools used on a construction site is a power cutter, which grinds and cuts concrete and asphalt. The impact of the steel blade on another hard material naturally makes a harsh friction noise. Building blocks and concrete cannot sacrifice their strength and hardness, therefore the cutting has to be done using diamond-embedded steel. Innovations must then be made as to the direction the noise takes when the blade is in use.

The iLube system from Norton Clipper is a new automatic oil and fuel mixing technology which ensures your handheld saw’s engine remains perfectly lubricated and fuelled.

Whenever you fill a disc cutter with petrol, there is a risk of causing long term damage to the engine by using the wrong fuel to oil ratio. This damage could include overheating and clogged pistons. Previously, the way to ensure the perfect mix was to buy a pre-mixed solution, which is an expensive way to manage your fuel and lubrication stocks.

Safety Orange Machine

Look at any piece of industrial machinery and there's a good chance that it's orange coloured. Handheld saws, cement mixers, masonry saws and floor grinders are usually the same shade of orange, both in the UK and abroad.

Some power tools and wheel barrows are yellow, but this can be because of the branding of the manufacturer. This is also reflected in large machinery brands such as JCB, whose yellow livery is a feature of large building sites up and down the country. Yellow and orange are both associated with machinery and tools, but most cutting and compacting machines are the same shade of orange.