The iLube system from Norton Clipper is a new automatic oil and fuel mixing technology which ensures your handheld saw’s engine remains perfectly lubricated and fuelled.

Whenever you fill a disc cutter with petrol, there is a risk of causing long term damage to the engine by using the wrong fuel to oil ratio. This damage could include overheating and clogged pistons. Previously, the way to ensure the perfect mix was to buy a pre-mixed solution, which is an expensive way to manage your fuel and lubrication stocks.

ilube 600Norton Clipper’s new iLube system consists of separate oil and petrol tanks and an internal sensor which monitors onboard levels and delivers the perfect mix to your machine. Each tank is colour coded to make it clear which reservoir needs oil and which needs fuel. The electronic measuring system ensures that oil makes up exactly 2% of the mix.

Fuel to oil ratio

This new technology is available as an option on the CP512 and CP514 ranges of handheld saw from Norton Clipper, which use 300mm and 350mm blades respectively. The original models would need the user to mix the precise 50:1 oil to fuel ratio in order to keep it running smoothly.

i lube infoiLube models are ideal for when you have to entrust your machine with a less experienced colleague. Perhaps you have an apprentice on site and you need to teach them the importance of mixing correctly. If the machine shuts down or reduces performance it will be to protect the engine because of a lack of oil or fuel. It’s a good way to get a user conscious of keeping levels topped up.

A handheld saw with the iLube system coupled with a good quality diamond blade and careful handling is the best way to ensure longevity. You need your machinery to last years rather than months, in order to maximise return on investment. Sadly misuse and misfuelling of construction equipment is an all-too-common occurrence, so innovations to help prolong the life of such machines represent a positive step.